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DevelopersCommittee/Agenda/2018-07-03 – NEMO

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Developer's Committee meeting Tuesday 3 July 2018

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Proposed agenda

The usual mid-year videoconference meeting of Developer's Committee will take place on 3 July afternoon.

The expected participants to this meeting are the members of Developer’s Committee: Consortium and External experts, so as the leaders of each NEMO Working Group, and the NEMO System Team members as permanent invitees.

Please find below a preliminary agenda elaborated by the Subgroup (Dorotea, Mike, Julien and Claire). All your suggestions are now welcome:

Chair: Mike Bell

Introduction (C. Lévy) 5 mn

Changes in the Consortium, update the description of its organisation, request for advice of the Committee.

Changes in NEMO Consortium:

  • INGV has announced in May intention to leave the NEMO Consortium. No news since then
  • Consortium agreement needs to be updated
  • Following the ideas which came out one year ago in Barcelona, Developer’s Committee is becoming more and more the NEMO Scientific Advisory Board. Indeed, the unique NEMO Scientific Leader role is now replaced by a distributed expertise through the leaders of Working Groups
  • A document describing Consortium goals and organisation, the role of the different Committees, etc… requested by Steering Committee for Autumn 2018 (advices welcome to C. Lévy)
  • ECMWF now hopes to contribute more to NEMO Working groups
  • The idea of moving from a NEMO Users meeting organised by System Team every 2 years to a NEMO community EGU session increasing visibility of NEMO community and its scientific projects is in the air (proposal to be submitted to EGU before September 2018)

Status of the on going work: 2018 Work plan (System Team) 10 mn

Give information on where we are at this point, especially regarding the beta release of 4.0, which should be announced

Air-sea interactions WG (S. Masson) 10 mn

Recent scientific results and possible questions to be addressed by WG

Configuration Manager (C. Lévy in name of subgroup) 10 mn

Summary of answers to questionnaire, proposition from subgroup
Slides available here

HPC WG (tbd) 10 mn

Brief report on agenda and objectives of WG proposition for new members

Kernel WG (M. Bell) 10 mn

Brief report on actions
Slides available here

Robustness and Test cases WG (J. Le Sommer, 10 mn)

Results and discussion on transition period for this WG
Slides available here

Sea-ice WG (leaders of WG, 10 mn)

Brief report on agenda for next year, use of fundings from IS ENES, CMEMS, ESIWACE, so as of the enlarged WG, and the perspectives of contribution to sustainable developments in 2019
Slides available here

Summary for WGs: decisions, new members... (Chair , 5 mn)

Advices from this Committee on documents describing the Consortium organisation 10 mn)

Conclusions (Chair 10mn)

END of meeting (Expected duration: less than 2 hours!)

Connection information:

To join the conference from your system:

Connection to the conference
Connection from a single terminal (Windows, OS X, tablet, smartphone ...)***8099&autojoin
Installation guide of Scopia Desktop	doc_scopia_desktop-fr.pdf

GDS	+33 (0)9 88 83 00 07 726984
SIP	sip:726984@
Conference number	726984 (end by #)
Access code	8099 (end by #)
Title	NEMO DevCom
Begin	2018-07-03 14:00 Europe/Paris
Duration	03:00
Number of estimated connections	17
A test room is available to validate the configuration and the equipment compatibility.

room 9999
PIN 0000
How to connect:

List of participants

Name Role Connecting from
Claire Lévy Project manager Paris LOCEAN 4ème étage
Gurvan Madec Project Lead NOC
Rachid Benshila Consortium expert for CNRS Mercator-Ocean
Emanuela Clementi ST Member CMCC
Andrew Coward ST Member NOC
Joel Hirschi Consortium expert for NERC NOC
David Marshall External Expert University of Oxford
Pierre Mathiot ST member Met office
Helene Hewitt Consortium Expert for Met-Office Met Office
Dave Storkey ST Member Met Office
Silvia Mocavero ST and HPC-WG member CMCC
Sebastien Masson ST Member LOCEAN
Jean-Marc Molines External Expert IGE Grenoble
Laurent Breodeau External Expert IGE Grenoble
Clément Bricaud ST member Mercator Ocean
Miguel Castrillo ST member BSC-CNS
Oriol Tintó ST member BSC-CNS
Mario Acosta ST member BSC-CNS
Joanna Staneva External Expert HZG
Francesca Mele ST member CMCC
Mike Bell ST and Kernel,HPC WG member NOC
Dorotea Iovino ST member CMCC
Tomas Lovato ST member CMCC

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