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     1= Developer's Committee 
     5Last edition: '''[[Wikinfo(changed_ts)]]''' by '''[[Wikinfo(changed_by)]]''' 
     7== Role 
     9'''NEMO Developer's Committee is the Scientific Advisory board of NEMO'''.  
     10As stated in the Consortium Agreement: 
     12The role of the Developers Committee (as defined in the Consortium Agreement) is to: 
     141. give advice on research developments plan; 
     152. co-ordinate developments planned by scientists outside the NEMO System Team, and in particular to coordinate them with the Work-Plan for the NEMO System Team; 
     163. set up working groups, to appoint their leaders and to validate the report drafted by the working group; 
     174. propose opportunities for funding to the Steering Committee. 
     19== Members of the Committees 
     21The Committee will comprise the Executive Board, External Experts, Consortium Experts, System Team members, and leaders of Working groups. It will meet twice each year. See [attachment:DevelopersCommittee_ToR.V2010.pdf Developer’s Committee Terms of Reference and Membership] for more details. 
     23[attachment:MembersOfCommittees.update2020.pdf 2020 List of Committees members] 
     24[attachment:MembersOfCommittees.update2019.pdf 2019 List of Committees members] 
     25[attachment:MembersOfCommittees.update2018.pdf 2018 List of Committees members] 
     26[attachment:MembersOfCommittees.update2017.pdf 2017 List of Committees members] 
     27[attachment:MembersOfCommittees.update2016.pdf 2016 List of Committees members] 
     29== Agenda and Minutes from meetings 
     31[[WikiCalendar(w, wiki=ScientificAdvisoryBoard/Agenda/%F, true)]] 
     33[[TOC(ScientificAdvisoryBoard/Agenda/*, depth=1, heading=Existing entries (anti-chronological), inline, reverse, nonumbering, titleindex)]] 
     35[wiki:DevelopersCommittee/2010questions 2010 question raised]