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    1 = Developer's Committee 
     1= NEMO Developers Committee (NDC) 
    55Last edition: '''[[Wikinfo(changed_ts)]]''' by '''[[Wikinfo(changed_by)]]''' 
     8= Purpose 
     9Maintain an up-to-date NDS and coordinate its implementation. 
    711== Role 
    9 '''NEMO Developer's Committee is the Scientific Advisory board of NEMO'''.  
    10 As stated in the Consortium Agreement: 
     13Maintain an up-to-date NDS : organise the NEMO Development Strategy (NDS) meetings that are held once every 5-6 years and take charge of writing the update of NEMO Development Strategy document defining strategy for the next years. [[br]] 
     14Create and end the WGs required for the NDS and choose their leaders [and members][[br]] 
     15[Builds the annual work plan proposal][[br]] 
     16Annually review the of progress and plans of the NST and WGs[[br]] 
     17Examine proposals on request in order to decide if they can use the “NEMO Consortium label” : when the project includes NEMO development work in line with Development Strategy and organised within NEMO sustainable development workflow (= members of NST).[[br]] 
    12 The role of the Developers Committee (as defined in the Consortium Agreement) is to: 
     19== Expected ways of working 
     20The NDC meets at least twice a year : once in the middle of the year to examine the on-going work and once at the end of the year to finalise the next year’s work plan.[[br]] 
     21The agenda of the meetings is proposed by the NDCPT[[br]] 
    14 1. give advice on research developments plan; 
    15 2. co-ordinate developments planned by scientists outside the NEMO System Team, and in particular to coordinate them with the Work-Plan for the NEMO System Team; 
    16 3. set up working groups, to appoint their leaders and to validate the report drafted by the working group; 
    17 4. propose opportunities for funding to the Steering Committee. 
     23== Frequency and timing of meetings 
     24Meets at least annually (perhaps co-located with merge party)[[br]] 
     26Contours of NEMO[[br]] 
     27== Membership 
     28Consists of NEMO officers and WGLs. The NDCPT may invite a small number of additional people with expertise relevant to the agenda. 
    1930== Members of the Committees 
    21 The Committee will comprise the Executive Board, External Experts, Consortium Experts, System Team members, and leaders of Working groups. It will meet twice each year. See [attachment:DevelopersCommittee_ToR.V2010.pdf Developer’s Committee Terms of Reference and Membership] for more details. 
     32 See [attachment:DevelopersCommittee_ToR.V2010.pdf Developer’s Committee Terms of Reference and Membership] for more details. 
    2334[attachment:MembersOfCommittees.update2020.pdf 2020 List of Committees members] 
    3546[wiki:DevelopersCommittee/2010questions 2010 question raised] 
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     742010 question raised