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    55|| '''!Acronym/Word''' || '''Description''' || '''URL''' || 
    66|| Ada || Sandy Bridge IBM supercomputer of IDRIS (FR), 233 TFLOPS peak || || 
     7|| ADS || Astrophysics Data System, digital library portal for researchers in astronomy and physics || || 
    78|| AGRIF || Adaptive Grid Refinement In Fortran, package for the integration of full adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) features within a multidimensional finite difference model || || 
    89|| API || Application Programming Interface, defined methods of communication between various software components || || 
    1617|| CNRS || "Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique" or National Center for Scientific Research, French largest governmental research organisation || || 
    1718|| Curie || Sandy Bridge Bull supercomputer of CEA (FR), 1,5 PFLOPS peak || || 
     19|| HAL || "Hyper Articles en Ligne", french open archive of scholarly documents from all academic fields || || 
    1820|| IDRIS || "Institut du Développement et des Ressources en Informatique Scientifique" or Institute for Development and Resources in Intensive Scientific computing (FR), centre of both high performance computing resources and expertise || || 
    1921|| INGV || "Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia" (IT), institution gathering all scientific and technical institutions operating in geophysics and volcanology || ||