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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
Glossary – NEMO

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Acronym Definitions

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General acronyms (TBD)

Acronym Description URL IdentifiedURL
CMCC Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici (IT)
CNRS Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique (FR)
INGV Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (IT)
INSU Institut National des Sciences de l'Univers (FR)
Mercator Mercator Océan - Ocean Forecasters (FR)
Met National weather service, formerly Meteorological Office (UK)
NEMO Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean
NERC Natural Environment Research Council (UK)
NOC National Oceanography Centre (UK)
SVN SubVersioN revision control system

Technical acronyms (TBD)

Acronym Description
AGRIF Adaptive Grid Refinement In Fortran
AMM12 Atlantic Margin Model with 12kms horizontal resolution
ASM Assimilation
BBL Bottom Boundary Layer
BDY BoundDarY
BFM Biogeochemical Flux Model
BFR Bottom FRiction
C1D Configuration 1 Dimension
CFCs ChloroFluoroCarbons
CICE Los Alamos "sea ice" model
CLIO Coupled Large-scale Ice Ocean
CMIP Coupled Model Intercomparison Project
CORE Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments
CPP C PreProcessor
CRS CoaRSening
DIA Diagnostics
DMP Damping
DOC DOCumentation
DYN ocean DYNamics
EEN Energy & ENstrophy
ENV ENVironment
EOS Equation Of State
FCM Flexible Configuration Manager
FCT Flux Corrected Transport
GLS Generic Length Scale
HDF Horizontal DiFfusion
HPC High Performance Computing
HPG Horizontal Pressure Gradient
IAU Incremental Analysis Updating
ICB IceBerg
IO Inputs/Outputs
IOF Interpolation On the Fly
IOM Inputs/Outputs Manager
ISF Ice ShelF
KPP K-Profile Parameterization
LBC Lateral Boundary Condition
LDF Lateral DiFfusion
LIM Louvain-la-neuve sea Ice Model
LOBSTER Lodyc Ocean Biogeochemical System for Ecosystem and Resources
MPI Message Passing Interface
MPP Massive Parallel Processing
MSF Meridional Stream Function
NEMOVAR NEMO VARiational data assimilation
OBC Open Boundary Conditions
OBS OBServations
ORCA tripolar grid, with special north fold boundary condition
OPA "Océan PArallélisé" ocean general circulation model
PISCES Pelagic Interaction Scheme for Carbon and Ecosystem Studies
QSR Q? Solar Radiation
SAS Stand-Alone Surface
SBC Surface Boundary Conditions
SPG Surface Pressure Gradient
SSH Sea Surface Height
SSS Sea Surface Salinity
SST Sea Surface Temperature
STO STOchastic parametrization
TAM Tangent and Adjoint Model
TKE Turbulent Kinetic Energy
TOP on/off-line ocean tracer and biochemistry models
TRA TRAcers 
TVD Total Variation Diminishing
WG Working Group
WN vertical velocity
WP Work Plan
ZAD Z (vertical) ADvection
ZDF Z (vertical) DiFfusion