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     1= Milestone NEMO Validation: SETTE (previously NVTK) = 
     3The aim is to develop an environment which allows to process a defined validation set on all reference configurations simply and quickly. 
     5Full information about SETTE in svn  NEMOGCM/SETTE directory, and about NVTK just here: wiki:NVTKpage 
     8== Users remarks about NVTK == 
     9* Information which should be clarified in the documentation: 
     12# in the documentation, it must be precised that when a new plateform is added,  
     13the ./modipsl/util/AA_make.gdef file (which includes all paths for NetCDF library,  
     14compilator names ...etc) must be modified first before launching the following script: 
     15 ./modipsl/config/VALID/2INSTALL/ins_valid.ksh 
     17# the role of the variable REFDAT in the script ins_valid.ksh must be also clarified 
     19# when adding a new plateform, the files BB_Make.ldef_CONFIG_NAME under  
     202INSTALL/CONFIG_FILES must be also adpated such as VALID/ fait_AA_make  
     21and 2INSTALL/CONFIG_FILES/AA_make.ldef 
     23# a kind of check list of the procedure to follow for a development to be integrated  
     24into the NEMO reference code.[[BR]] 
     26* Functionnalities which should be added modified or removed from NVTk:[[BR]] 
     29# add the option to remove all files stored under REF directories before launching a job  
     30and even clean all directories of jobs when necessary >>> Done in nemo_v3_2.beta 
     32# when performing a long run, says "GTIME" it must be a "true" run i.e using the reference  
     33namelist a not a modified one; imply changes in job_CONFIGNAME.ksh scripts 
     35# allow the option to save results in a new directory will be usefull ./LONG/NEW ./1_SHORT/NEW  
     36and 2_SHORT/NEW ; it must be associated to an experiment so the corresponding job should  
     37also have a different name such as job_mon_long_NEW.ksh >>> Done in nemo_v3.2.beta 
     39# modules list should be included in the final report to identify what have been done (Steven Alderson, NOCS) >>> Done in nemo_v3.2.beta 
     41# In the NVTK/Makefile, add lines to be able to launch fait_AA_make script when the new variable  
     42MAKE_DEP is set to "yes" (Steven Alderson, NOCS). This is necessary when new modules have  
     43"USE statements" or new cpp keys (Steven Alderson, NOCS) >>> Done in nemo_v3.1 
     45# replace all "/" in UNIX sed command with "%" to avoid problem when a sed is apply to a full path 
     46 using "/" symbol (Steven Alderson, NOCS) >>> Done in nemo_v3.1 
     48# in all NVTK jobs, add the following line ''#-T- platform cd ${TMPDIR}'' since this variable is not  
     49common to all platforms (Steven Alderson, NOCS)