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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
Milestones/NEMO_improvments – NEMO

Milestone NEMO improvements

Minor modifications that simplified NEMO

All Components :

  • namelist style - see ticket - see ticket #197 and #196


  • suppression of the rigid-lid case
  • dtatem & dtasal "cleaning" - see ticket #200
  • simplified the definition of the model time step - see ticket #201
  • suppress all .h90 files except the _substitute.h90 files
  • unused file that can be suppressed without any changes : zdf.matrixsolver.h90, sbcrnf_ORCA_R05.h90, sbcrnf_ORCA_R2.h90, sbcrnf_ORCA_R4.h90
  • par_xxx.h90 to be transformed into par_xxx.F90 ( par_EEL_R2.h90, par_EEL_R5.h90, par_EEL_R6.h90, par_GYRE.h90, par_ORCA_R025.h90 , par_ORCA_R05.h90, par_ORCA_R2.h90, par_ORCA_R4.h90) cf what has been done in root/branches/dev_001_GM/NEMO/OPA_SRC.
  • obc_par_EEL_R5.h90 ??? don't know what this is...
  • mppini_2.h90 to be merged with mppini.F90
  • trabbl_adv.h90 to be merged with trabbl.F90
  • diawri_dimg.h90 , limwri_dimg.h90 , limwri_dimg_2.h90 will naturally disappear with IOM for the output
  • domzgr_zps.h90 already suppressed (see ticket #191)
  • ldfdyn_xxx.h90 , ldftra_xxx.h90 will disappear with the full reorganisation of LDF
  • obc_vectopt_loop_substitute.h90 : the vector optimisation in OBC is useless. This should disappear when removing the rigid-lid, and so the rigid-lid case in OBC.

with all those changes the only remaining .h90 files will be : domzgr_substitute.h90 ; ldfdyn_substitute.h90 ; ldfeiv_substitute.h90 ; ldftra_substitute.h90 ; vectopt_loop_substitute.h90 ; zdfddm_substitute.h90

LIM-2 & 3 :

  • damping option in LIM-3 - see ticket #195
  • damping option in LIM-2 - see ticket #194
  • allow the possibility to save ice fields as for the ocean in the file when a simulation stop
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