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     1= Milestone Reference configurations = 
     3== Status: == 
     4GYRE and ORCA2_LIM are the current reference configurations available and on which regular tests are performed.[[BR]] 
     6== Plan == 
     7- GYRE_LOBSTER integration[[BR]] 
     11== Steps to be done == 
     13- modify assessment.ksh script to perform an 'automatic" check for the Biogeo. component  
     17== Steps done == 
     19- modules list which are different from the trunk: 
     20# initrc.F90 
     21# par_trc.F90 
     22# trcdit.F90 
     23# trcdtr.F90 
     24# trcrst.F90 
     25modifs related to trcbio.F  &trcsed.F have been already committed 
     27- integration under NVTK OK (2do: make links of *[Ffh] files in the HEAD/Makefile) 
     28- bugs in trcbio.F and trcsed.F90 missing "#" before endif 
     29- BUG in trcrst.F90 which doesn't allow the restartability: just after read the trb(:,:,:,:) field a swap is done trb() = trn() .....  
     32For the Bio this can be checked only for the 6 tracers MEAN and the  
     33"Integral of all tracers over the full domain" not for the "Drift of the sum of all tracers" 
     34since it is computed since the beginning of the run not the simulation .....  
     35The awk script must compare the following lines extracetd from ocean.output 
     36----TRACER STAT----                                                              
     37   MEAN NO   1  DET           
     38   MEAN NO   2  ZOO           
     39   MEAN NO   3  PHY            
     40   MEAN NO   4  NO3           
     41   MEAN NO   5  NH4             
     42   MEAN NO   6  DOM           
     43   Integral of all tracers over the full domain 
     46- Mon:  OK over 30 days for both physics (solver.stat) and bio (TRACERS STAT in ocean.output) 
     47- Mpi:  OK over 30 days for both physics (solver.stat) and bio (TRACERS STAT in ocean.output_xxxx) 
     50To check this, we just compare the MAX & MIN value of each tracer at the end of each mon & mpi run.  
     51We can't make differences on vairable computed with an mpp_sum CALL 
     52- Reproductibility (mon .vs. mpi ) has been checked for both physics and bio