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    1 = Developer's Committee - Scientific Advisory Board 
     1= NEMO Scientific Advisory Committee (NSAC) 
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    7 == Role 
    9 '''NEMO Developer's Committee is the Scientific Advisory board of NEMO'''.  
    10 As stated in the Consortium Agreement: 
     8== Purpose:  
     9Ensure NEMO remains a world-leading ocean model 
     10== Role: 
     11Advise the NEMO Steering Committee (NSC), Developers Committee (NDC) and Science Team (NST) on:[[br]] 
     12* The priorities and opportunities for improving the current NEMO system 
     13* The NEMO strategy and work plans 
     14* Participation in international collaborations. 
     15The focus of the advice should be on a 3-5 year period. 
    12 The role of the Developers Committee (as defined in the Consortium Agreement) is to: 
     17== Expected ways of working 
     18NEMO scientists will make presentations or provide reports on topics agreed between NDC and SAC chairs. SAC members will provide assessments, feedback and recommendations on these topics and make suggestions for topics for next meeting 
    14 1. give advice on research developments plan; 
    15 2. co-ordinate developments planned by scientists outside the NEMO System Team, and in particular to coordinate them with the Work-Plan for the NEMO System Team; 
    16 3. set up working groups, to appoint their leaders and to validate the report drafted by the working group; 
    17 4. propose opportunities for funding to the Steering Committee. 
     20== Frequency and timing of meetings 
     21SAC members will be invited to participate in the NEMO Development Strategy (NDS) meetings that are held once every 5-6 years[[br]] 
     22One or two meetings will be held in between the NDS meetings 
    19 == Members of the Committees 
     24== Scope: 
     25The scope includes: 
    21 The Committee will comprise the Executive Board, External Experts, Consortium Experts, System Team members, and leaders of Working groups. It will meet twice each year. See [attachment:DevelopersCommittee_ToR.V2010.pdf Developer’s Committee Terms of Reference and Membership] for more details. 
     27* Scientific & technical algorithms 
     28* Software engineering methods & practices 
     29* Assessments of scientific and technical performance 
     30* Interfaces with other systems (particularly the air-sea interface, bio-geochemical models and data assimilation systems) 
     31* Coordination with other groups 
    23 [attachment:MembersOfCommittees.update2020.pdf 2020 List of Committees members] 
    24 [attachment:MembersOfCommittees.update2019.pdf 2019 List of Committees members] 
    25 [attachment:MembersOfCommittees.update2018.pdf 2018 List of Committees members] 
    26 [attachment:MembersOfCommittees.update2017.pdf 2017 List of Committees members] 
    27 [attachment:MembersOfCommittees.update2016.pdf 2016 List of Committees members] 
     33In scope: physical core, sea-ice, bio-geochemistry, physical parametrisations, verification & validation[[br]] 
     34Out of scope: data assimilation systems, user support 
     36The scope can be amended with the agreement of the NDC and the NSC.  
     37== Membership 
     39The NSC with advice from the NEMO Developers Committee chair and NEMO System Team leader will appoint a chair[[br]] 
     40A core group of 3-5 experts will be invited by the NSC[[br]] 
     41The period of appointments/invitations will normally be 3-5 years; they may be renewable.[[br]] 
     42Additional members may be invited to specific meetings depending on the agenda items.[[br]] 
    2950== Agenda and Minutes from meetings 
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