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Guidelines for new ticket:

  • No support requests for installation here
  • Check whether a similar issue has already been reported, a simple search can be done by typing a keyword in the 'Summary' field
  • Few tips (see Wiki Macros or Wiki Processors for more): to display an image [[Image(name, ...)]], to include a repository file totally [[Include(source:path, ...)]] or partially [[IncludeSource(path, ...)]], to highlight Fortran code block {{{#!f ... }}}, to render nicely SVN diff output {{{#!diff ... }}}, …
  • Notification: set your email in your profile (see Preferences), add registered users or external users with their emails in the 'Cc' field (later obfuscated).
  • 'Summary' and 'Description' are mandatory, 'Keywords' field is highly recommend for further querying with Tags engine.