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Users/Agenda/2014-04-30 – NEMO

NEMO-TAM status and perspective

Original publication (eZ): 2014-04-30 12:47 CEST by pabouttier
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Since nemo_v3_4_STABLE release, NEMO provides its Tangent linear and Adjoint Model (TAM). This tool can be useful for controlling model parameters, doing analysis sensitivity and data assimilation, for example.
Currently, TAM covers all modelling options required to run ORCA2 and GYRE reference configurations. But some of them, which could be useful for the users are missing (non exhaustive list): VVL option, ice module, AGRIF or open boundaries.
Today, bugfixes for TAM are done the nemo_v3_4_STABLE branch.

Perspective for NEMOTAM development

A release of a NEMOTAM demonstrator is planned during this year, built around a reference configuration for Data Assimilation called SEABASS. This demonstrator will be a technical aid to set up an assimilation system with NEMO.
Depending of NEMO users needs, NEMOTAM is not automatically updated for each NEMO version. Since the processus of NEMO simplification is on the way, it appears that waiting its end to update NEMOTAM is a good option, given the few user feedback that we already had. Of course, during this time, NEMOTAM will be consolidated on current nemo_V3_4_STABLE branch.

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