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     1= NEMO Development Strategy Paper 2015-2025 
     3Original publication (eZ): '''2014-06-20 15:39 CEST''' by '''clevy'''\\ 
     4Last edition: '''[[Wikinfo(changed_ts)]]''' by '''[[Wikinfo(changed_by)]]''' 
     6'''The first version of [attachment:"wiki:Users/private:NEMO development strategy-2014.pdf" NEMO’s development strategy: consensus and open discussions – Version 1 – Year 2014] is now available within the NEMO community.''' 
     8In December 2012, the NEMO Steering Committee initiated a long-term perspective (5 to 10 years). Expected content was, for each institution, to summarize its main objectives, needs, motivations, questions of interest, expertise and themes in which it is willing to invest in the next 5 to 10 years, or general directions of travel or evolution which it thinks are required for NEMO and which should be taken forward together with the other partner. 
     10This approach has been announced to all users and projects. The first step has been the elaboration of six White papers (one per institution of the Consortium), and collecting of other contributions (which came from CONCEPTS & CCCMA, EC-EARTH, and ECMWF). 
     12The second step has been the Enlarged Developer’s Committee meeting (18-19 June 2013) to discuss the White Papers and contributions in order to elaborate the final document. This document, the “NEMO Development Strategy”, endorsed be NEMO Steering Committee in June 2014, is the result of this prospective work. 
     14This NEMO Development Strategy Paper will be used as guidance for the mid-term objectives (over more than one year) and future yearly work plans (2014 and beyond). It will be available to the NEMO community.\\ 
     15In this context, it will be reviewed each year during Developer’s Committee meeting and updated if needed before elaboration of the next year’s work plan. This update will be, for each chapter, under the responsibility of its author(s). The Developer’s Committee meeting will allow identifying changes, if relevant, on answers, items of consensus or new open questions. During this meeting, presentations of the leaders of the NEMO Working group will help to identify questions on which their has been some progress.\\ 
     16Each year, the document will be updated, if relevant, and and endorsed by Steering Committee before September in order for it to be available to build the workplan of following year.