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     1= Announcement of NEMO 3.6 release 
     3Original publication (eZ): '''2015-06-30 15:28 CEST''' by '''clevy'''\\ 
     4Last edition: '''[[Wikinfo(changed_ts)]]''' by '''[[Wikinfo(changed_by)]]''' 
     6== NEMO v3_6_STABLE release 
     8Up to now, the stable NEMO release was [source:/branches/2012/dev_v3_4_STABLE_2012/ 3.4]. '''From now on a [source:/branches/2015/nemo_v3_6_STABLE 3.6 release] is available.''' 
     10This release will be used by all CMIP6 experiments using NEMO (CERFACS, CMCC, EC_EARTH, Hadley Centre, IPSL).\\ 
     11It includes all developments from 3_4_STABLE, i.e. 3_5, 3_6_beta, including the new XIOS IO system and some new features. 
     13For all users, it is strongly suggested to move to this new stable release of NEMO: 
     14* If you are using 3_4_STABLE now, because this release will now become gradually obsolete 
     15* If you are using the NEMO trunk (3_5, 3_6...) because 3_6_STABLE is now the up to date version which will be supported, whereas the trunk will be used from now on for future developments and major (and probably unstable) simplifications. 
     17=== Quick start guide 
     19is available [wiki:Users/ModelInstall here].\\ 
     20'''Please note that XIOS 1.0 is mandatory.''' 
     22Remove from original 
     23'This page also describes simple way to update an existing application (see Update section).\\' 
     26=== Main new features 
     28For details, see ReleaseNotes 
     29|| Coupled interface for next IPCC requirements (multi category sea-ice, calving and iceberg module) || Runoff improved and SBC with BGC || Solar flux filtering at daily frequency to force BGC component || 
     30|| Major evolution of LIM sea-ice model (including LIM3 in mono category, i.e. similar to LIM2) || On line coarsening of ocean I/O || Ocean and ice allowed to be explicitly coupled through OASIS, using Stand Alone Surface module) || 
     31|| First steps of wave coupling || MPI optimisation || XIOS new IO system || 
     32|| Standard Fox Kemper parametrisation || Atmospheric forcing at land-ocean interface || Open boundaries: completion of BDY/OBC merge || 
     33|| Solved 2 time stepping issues || Faster split-explicit time stepping, Z-tilde ALE coordinates, implicit bottom friction || First version of Configuration Manager ||  
     34|| Standalone OBS component and improvements in OBS & ASM || 
     36=== Features becoming obsolete 
     38LIM2 (replaced by LIM3 monocategory) 
     40=== Validation 
     423.6 release has been validated as usual: so-called SETTE tests (restartability and reproducibility on each of the [wiki:Users/ReferenceConfigurations reference configurations] and appropriate validations of all new developments.\\ 
     43Details on validation can be found [wiki:Users/Validation/nemo_v3_6 here] 
     45=== Associated branches 
     47A few associated development branches will remain aside, at least until full validation. Those development branches listed below will be kept up to date with 3.6 stable.\\ 
     48A project needing one or more of these branches will have to: 
     491. [wiki:Users/ModelInstall Extract 3.6 release as usual] 
     502. Locally merge the needed development branch with 3_6_STABLE 
     52svn merge'name_of_the_branch' 
     55==== List of associated branches 
     57* [source:/branches/2015/dev_r5003_MERCATOR6_CRS/NEMOGCM On line coarsening of biogeochemistry]