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Updates of 3.6 release

Original publication (eZ): 2016-03-30 15:46 CEST by flavoni
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As announced in July 2015, the 3_6_STABLE release of NEMO includes

Since last July, some improvements and fixes have been done. Please find below the summary of changes:

  • Update of reference manual (see 1st paragraph)
  • XIOS2 : allow using the up to date release of XIOS r819 (only if key_xios2 added in list of NEMO cpp keys). Some associated changes in xml file, for which templates are available in CONFIG/GYRE_XIOS/EXP00/*.xml
  • New version of AGRIF
  • Updates in dynamics:
    • New internal wave driven mixing parameterization available with key_zdftmx_new (#1674)
    • Update of traqsr.F90 in RGB case when using surface Chlorophyll data : a vertical profile is computed if
      nn_chldta = 2
  • Updates in sea ice (LIM3):
    • Add a new ice albedo scheme in LIM (#1654), managed by
      nn_ice_alb = 1
    • Send a non-zero fresh water budget for the passive tracers (impact on iron uptake/release by the ice) #1694
    • Add the computation of the snow blown into the ocean for coupled model (impact on global mass conservation) #1696
    • Add sublimation over sea-ice and snow #1697
    • Remove Langmuir cell parametrisation below sea ice #1604
    • Improvement of ventilation in southern ocean : have 2 different values for open lead fraction (in namelist : rn_amax_n and rn_amax_s) in Arctic and Antarctic, as proposed by Olivier Aumont, see r6311
  • Updates in biogeochemistry
    • Better representation of OMZ : have the possibility to increase zonal equatorial diffusion for passive tracers r6312

List of bugfixes done since the release can be found here.

It is suggested to update your version onto the HEAD of 3_6_STABLE in order to benefit from these improvements.

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