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Users/Agenda/2016-06-22 – NEMO

2016 NEMO Users Meeting

The 2016 NEMO Users meeting will be held on June 22 and 23, 2016 in Lecce (Italy).

The meeting will cover a wide range of NEMO applications, as oceanographic and climate research, operational ocean forecasts and seasonal weather forecasts. It will include a variety of topics, from global to regional modelling on both short and long time scales, modelling of biogeochemistry and ice, data assimilation within NEMO.

The agenda will include the following sessions:

  • NEMO present and future
  • Improving physical processes
  • Biogeochemistry
  • High resolution ocean (global and regional domains)
  • Sea ice modelling
  • Operational applications

A more detailed agenda will be available in the near future.

The agenda is now available. See pdf attached AttachmentNum(20)? .

Registration is now CLOSED

To register, please add your information below by editing this file.
All registers will be considered for attendance and presentation on a first come first served basis up to a limit of ~80 people.
A social event will be organized in the evening of Wednesday, June 22. Please check the appropriate box below to indicate whether you wish to join us.
Add a pdf file to submit an abstract ("attach file" button is at the bottom of the page) - you can use [[AttachmentNum(...)]]macro to link the file in the table). Both oral and poster presentations are welcome (please indicate your preference).
Please indicate if you want to attend the meeting through videoconference.

List of participants

# Family Name First name Institution Email 22 June 23 June Social Event Dietary requests Abstract Oral-Poster Video-conf.
1 Shanru Tian Beijing Orobot Tech Company shanru.tian@… yes yes yes
2 Ourmieres Yann MIO/Toulon University yann.ourmieres@… yes yes no AttachmentNum(2)? O
3 Emanuela Clementi INGV (IT) emanuela.clementi@… yes yes yes WG activities: NEMO WAVE + "The Mediterranean Forecasting System in the Copernicus Marine Service: latest improvements and skill assessment" O + P
4 Iovino Dorotea CMCC (IT) dorotea.iovino@… yes yes yes AttachmentNum(1)? P
5 Luneva Maria NOCL mane1@… yes yes yes AttachmentNum(3)? O
6 Declerck Amandine MIO/Toulon University declerck@… yes yes yes P
7 Wobus Fred Plymouth University fred.wobus@… yes yes yes AttachmentNum(4)? O
8 Shapiro Georgy Plymouth University gshapiro@… yes yes yes
9 Graham Tim Met Office (UK) tim.graham@… yes yes yes Vegetarian AttachmentNum(10)? O
10 Ciliberti Stefania CMCC (IT) stefania.ciliberti@… yes yes yes A NEMO-based regional circulation modelling configuration for the Black Sea in the frame of CMEMS O
11 Mocavero Silvia CMCC (IT) silvia.mocavero@… yes yes yes NEMO HPC-WG activities O
12 Bricaud Clement Mercator Ocean cbricaud@… yes yes yes Coarsening of BGCM models O
13 Flavoni Simona CNRS sflod@… yes yes Test cases and Robustness Working Group activity O
14 Aguiar Ana Met Office (UK) ana.aguiar@… yes yes yes Pescatarian Assessment of GO6 vs GO5 (climate and analysis mode) O
16 Tedesco Letizia SYKE (FI) letizia.tedesco@… yes yes yes Vegeterian TBC P
17 Marnela Marika FMI (FI) marika.marnela@… yes yes yes Vegetarian AttachmentNum(6)? O
18 Sicardi Valentina BSC (SP) valentina.sicardi@… no yes
19 PAUL julien Mercator-Océan jpaul@… yes yes yes WG activities: NEMO config manager (SIREN) O
20 Gierisch Andrea FMI (FI) andrea.gierisch@… yes yes yes
21 CHEVALLIER Matthieu CNRM matthieu.chevallier@… yes yes no Intercomparison of Arctic sea ice in global reanalyses O yes
22 Chanut Jérôme Mercator Océan jchanut@… yes yes no NEMO AGRIF-WG activities O
23 Cipollone Andrea CMCC (IT) andrea.cipollone@… Towards a fully operational eddying Global Forecasting System (GOFS16) O yes
24 Hordoir Robinson SMHI robinson.hordoir@… yes yes yes Overturning Circulation of the Baltic Sea AttachmentNum(12)? O
25 Bouttier Pierre-Antoine CNRS pierre-antoine.bouttier@… no no no WG activities: NEMO Data Assimilation O yes
26 Brauch Jennifer Deutscher Wetterdienst (DE) jennifer.brauch@… yes yes yes Pescatarian Coupling of COSMO/CLM and NEMO in two regions AttachmentNum(13)? P
27 Lovato Tomas CMCC (IT) tomas.lovato@… no no no yes
28 Vichi Marcello UCT (ZA) Marcello.vichi@… yes yes yes BFM-NEMO 1D: a workbench for biogeochemical parameterizations O
29 Harris Chris Met Office (UK) christopher.harris@… yes yes yes
30 Aznar Roland Puertos del Estado (ES) raznar@… yes yes yes
31 Lévy Claire LOCEAN-IPSL, CNRS, Paris Claire.Levy@… yes yes no yes
32 Luo Jing-Jia Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne jingjia.luo@… no no no yes
33 Bonino Giulia CMCC (IT) giulia.bonino@… yes yes no yes
34 Nicoli' Dario CMCC (IT) dario.nicoli.83@… yes yes no yes
35 Grivault Nathan University of Alberta grivault@… no no no yes
36 Dupont Frederic Environment Canada… no no no yes
37 Chapman Christopher LOCEAN-IPSL christopher.chapman@… yes yes yes vegetarian Idealised Modelling of the Southern Ocean (TBA) O
38 Olson Elise UBC eolson@… yes yes no yes
39 Barthélemy Antoine UCL (BE) antoine.barthelemy@… yes yes yes AttachmentNum(9)? O
40 Le Sommer Julien LGGE julien.lesommer@… yes yes no Variability of submesoscale dynamics in the North Atlantic from a 1/60°, 300 levels ocean model simulation O yes
41 Ilicak Mehmet Uni Research mehmet.ilicak@… yes yes yes No pork please Recent developments to improve “infamous” North Atlantic cold bias O
42 Jones Clive Fujitsu Labs Europe c.jones@… no no no yes
43 Chang Nicolette CSIR (ZA) nchang@… no no yes
44 Mele Francesca CMCC francesca.mele@… yes yes yes
45 Lecci Rita CMCC rita.lecci@… yes yes yes Sea Condition: present and future sea conditions for safer navigation O
46 Verri Giorgia CMCC giorgia.verri@… yes yes yes Estuarine dynamics for ocean modeling: the case study of the Ofanto estuary O
47 Jansen Eric CMCC eric.jansen@… yes yes yes Ocean-SAR: An operational search-and-rescue service for the Mediterranean Sea O
48 Vancoppenolle Martin CNRS mvlod@… no yes(M) no yes
49 Rousset Clement CNRS crlod@… yes yes yes On the sea ice road to CMIP6 with IPSL-CM O
50 Federico Ivan CMCC ivan.federico@… tbc O
51 Coward Andrew NOCS acc@… yes yes yes NEMO 3.6 and developments toward NEMO4 O
52 Delrosso Damiano INGV damiano.delrosso@… yes yes no yes
53 Keen Ann UKMO ann.keen@… yes Sea ice modelling for CMIP6 within NEMO in the Met Office/UK HadGEM3/UKESM coupled model configurations AttachmentNum(18)? O yes
54 Koenigk Torben SHMI torben.koenigk@… yes EC-Earth: CMIP6 and representation of sea ice O yes
55 Schroeder David CPOM d.schroeder@… yes TBC O yes
56 Aksenov Y. NOCS yka@… yes Sea ice-ocean modelling at NOC O yes
57 Bouillon S. NERSC sylvain.bouillon@… yes CANCELLED
58 Salas David CNRM david.salas@… yes sea ice modeling for CNRM-CMIP6 O yes
59 Massonnet Francois BSC francois.massonnet@… yes Which sea ice models does the climate community needs? O yes
60 Aumont Olivier olivier.aumont@… yes The evolution of PISCES in the NEMO system: toward more physiology O yes
61 Bopp Laurent LSCE laurent.bopp@… yes Simulating the global distribution of C13 and N15 in the marine ecosystems O yes
62 Palmieri J. NOCS Julien.Palmieri@… yes UKESM1 marine biogeochemistry spin-up AttachmentNum(17)? O yes
63 Yool Andrew NOC axy@… yes UKESM1 and MEDUSA O yes
64 Zanna Laure Oxford University Laure.Zanna@… yes Scale Aware Parametrization of Ocean Eddies AttachmentNum(14)? O
65 O'Brien Enda CECCR/KAU eobrien@… no no no yes
66 Ethé Christian IPSL Christian.Ethe@… no no no yes

Registration fee

The organizers may need to request a conference fee (~35€) to be paid by the participants of the meeting, in order to cover some costs for the organization of the meeting (e.g. lunches, refreshments during coffee breaks, etc.).

Social event

On Wednesday evening, we propose to have a meeting dinner at Osteria Della Divina Provvidenza in via F. Rubichi, right in the city centre. A contribution of 35€ will be asked to each participant to be paid on site in cash, or credit card.

Practical details

Getting to Lecce: There is no airport in Lecce. There are 2 airports in the region. You can fly directly to Bari (Aeroporto Internazionale di Bari-Karol Wojtyla) or Brindisi (Aeroporto di Brindisi-Casale) from some European cities, or flight there via Milan, Rome, Bologna, etc. Buses and trains connect both airports to Lecce. See the Apulian Airport web page for a particular airport information and for further details about flights, trains, bus and taxi.

Brindisi Airport is the closest airport to Lecce (~ 45km). Check flights to/from Brindisi here (direct flights in green). Info about Brindisi-Lecce connections are available at There is a direct coach service between the Brindisi airport and Lecce, the journey is quick and easy:

Bari Airport is a little further away from Lecce (~ 170km). Connections between Bari and Lecce are available. Check flights to/from Bari here. Bari-Lecce connections are available at

Venue: The event will take place at the Officine Cantelmo (located in Viale Michele de Pietro, Lecce).

Accommodations: The CMCC has some recommended hotels and b&b listed of which most are in the town centre. Check locations on google maps Some hotels offer special deals for participants to the meeting. See pdf attached AttachmentNum(5)?

# Name Address Contacts
1 Suite Hotel Santa Chiara Via Degli Ammirati, 24 +39 0832 304998 info@…
2 Hotel Risorgimento Via A. Imperatore, 19 +39 0832 246311 info@…
3 Patria Palace Hotel Piazzetta Riccardi, 13 +39 0832 245111 info@…
4 President Hotel Via Salandra, 6 +39 0832 456111 info@…
5 Grand Hotel Tiziano Viale Porta d'Europa +39 0832 272111 info@…
6 Art Hotel Park Via G. De Chirico, 1 +39 0832.214214 info@…
7 Eos Hotel Lecce Viale Vittorio Alfieri,11 + 39 0832 230030 info@…
8 B&B Sant’Oronzo Via Eugenio Richel Rubichi, 3 +39 392 7673784 albergodiffusolecce@…
9 Fanfulla Rooms Via degli Ammirati, 12 +39 0832 307152 info@…
10 B&B Casa di Lo’ Via NAzario Sauro, 14 +39 0833 1820971 prenotazioni@…
11 Casa dei Mercanti P.zza Sant'Oronzo, 44 - +39 0832 279819 info@…
12 B&B Il Monastero Via Malennio, 36 +39 348 7620378 bbilmonasterolecce@…
13 Capperi B&B Via 47° Reggimento Fanteria, 26 +39 0832 332234 info@…
14 Palazzo Personè Via Umberto I 5/9 +39 0832 279968 info@…
15 Demetra B&B Piazzetta Chiesa Greca, 2 +39 333 7779158 info@…

Further accommodation can be found here

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