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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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    1717== Changes in repository and building executable 
    19 To make it compliant to usual directory tree, and to facilitate building NEMO executable, there as been soms changes in the repository layout: 
     19To make it compliant to usual directory tree, and to facilitate building NEMO executable, there has been some changes in the repository layout: 
    2121[[PdfImg(NEMO_repository_changes_4.0.pdf, 600px)]] 
    3434== Release notes 
    3535     * AGRIF: 
    36          * add vertical refinement 
    3736         * Now compatible with new sea ice component 
    38          * Now compatible with vvl 
     37         * Now compatible with z* coordinate 
     38         * Extended ghost cells area to properly handle scheme with spatial order >2 
     39         * Added vertical refinement (beta) 
    3940         * Nesting tools for setup now up to date and working 
    4041     * HPC 
    4748     * XIOS2 as default and optionally available for restarts 
    4849     * ENHANCEMENTS 
    49          * z-tilde and split explicit stability improvements 
     50         * Fix for tracer conservation with split explicit free surface 
    5051         * bulk formulae : move to aerobulk package (Brodeau et al. 2016), i.e. NCAR, COARE and ECMWF bulk (remove Clio and MFS bulk) 
    5152         * wetting and drying 
    52          * self loading and attraction 
     53         * added tidal self attraction and loading either read from a file or from usual "scalar" approximation 
    5354         * add a 4th order centered (CEN) and Flux Corrected Transport (FCT) tracer advection (using a 4th compact in the vertical) 
    5455         * iso-neutral mixing (iso and triad operators): add the Method of Stabilizing Correction (MSC) (more accurate calculation) + add a bilaplacian case