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    1616== Release notes 
     17     * AGRIF: 
     18         * add vertical refinement 
     19         * Now compatible with new sea ice component 
     20         * Now compatible with vvl 
     21         * Nesting tools for setup now up to date and working 
     22     * HPC 
     23         * Reduce number of MPI communications (suppression of redundant communications, gather multiple communications into one) 
     24         * Back to standard dynamical allocation (remove of wrk_alloc/dealloc statements) 
     25         * Generalised lbc_lnk and lbc_nfd (simplification) 
     26         * Unify mppini  (simplification) 
     27         * Use non uniform jpi/jpj with dynamic allocation to avoid ghost rows/columns  (simplification) 
     28         * Message passing re coded 
     29     * XIOS2 as default and optionally available for restarts 
     30     * ENHANCEMENTS 
     31         * z-tilde and split explicit stability improvements 
     32         * bulk formulae : move to aerobulk package (Brodeau et al. 2016), i.e. NCAR, COARE and ECMWF bulk (remove Clio and MFS bulk) 
     33         * wetting and drying 
     34         * self loading and attraction 
     35         * add a 4th order centered (CEN) and Flux Corrected Transport (FCT) tracer advection (using a 4th compact in the vertical) 
     36         * iso-neutral mixing (iso and triad operators): add the Method of Stabilizing Correction (MSC) (more accurate calculation) + add a bilaplacian case 
     37         * Lateral physics (LDF): scale aware setting of eddy viscosity and diffusivity 
     38         * vorticity: 2 new energy conserving scheme:  ENT with Coriolis defined at T-point (better for Flux form) and EET a variant of EEN where e3t is used instead of e3f (solved the issue with e3f specification but is not enstrophy conserving) 
     39     * SIMPLIFICATION 
     40         * revised structure of namlist_ref/_cfg and default reference values. 
     41         * lateral physics (LDF): simplification of user interface and removal of CPP keys 
     42         * vertical physics (ZDF) (modularity, share shear production calculation between TKE and GKS, removal of all ZDF CPP keys, removal of avmu & avmv, minimization of MPP comm.: ~15 removed) 
     43         * remove the split-explicit ZDF scheme for both TRA and DYN 
     44         * remove the acceleration of convergence 
     45     * ROBUSTNESS 
     46         * configuration interface completely rewritten (DOM module mainly suppressed , and in place: file, or usr_def module) 
     47     * TEST Cases 
     48         * Introduce test cases 
     49         * Implement 6 different cases 
     50     * WAVE coupling 
     51         * coupled interface to external wave model 
     52         * large scale wave interaction process added in momentum and tracer equations 
     53     * SEA iCE 
     54         * New SI3 component, improvements in natural and computational sciences so as friendlier user interface 
     55         * Fully compatible with AGRIF  
     56         * Benefitting from the gathering of multiple communications into one  
     57     * TOP 
     58        * New TOP component structure  with 5 modules handled with namelist parameter rather than CPP keys  ( PISCES, CFC11/CFC12/SF6 carbon tracers, MY_TRC  a template for new module, AGE a water age tracking and C14 a radiocarbon passive tracer ) 
     59        * A new configuration was created to use the inert carbon tracers (CFCs) as a benchmark of new developments, named ORCA2_OFF_TRC 
     60        *  A common framework for TOP boundary conditions ( surface, coastal and open boundaries ) 
     61        *  A new version of PISCES ( PISCES-QUOTA )  
     62     * Collaborative Development Environment 
     63         * move of website from EzP IPSL to Wordpress Mercator 
     64         * define appropriate portals on forge wiki for users/developers/System Team and complete refactoring of all wiki pages and their organisation 
     65         * complete reorganisation of svn repository 
     66         * install open shared space for input files of reference configurations 
     67         * define and install separate repository github for test cases 
     68         * create forums 
     69         * redefine/install mailing lists 
     70         * Elaborate tasks splitting for sette versus trusting  
    1872== Sending feedbacks