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Since March 2022 along with NEMO 4.2 release, the code development moved to a self-hosted GitLab.
This present forge is now archived and remained online for history.
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    1212The new 4.0.beta release of NEMO is now available for beta testing. The offical 4.0 release is scheduled for end 2018. The users and projects willing to make preliminary tests and contribute to the reliability of the future 4.0 release are very welcome to start testing this new version. This page gathers all the information needed for a quick start, and all feedbacks are welcome, see below. 
     14== Download the nemo4.0.beta release 
    1417== Changes in repository and building executable 
    16 Changes in organisation of repository 
     19To make it compliant to usual directory tree, and to facilitate buidong the NEMO executable, there as benn soms changes in the organisation of repository: 
    18 [[Image(NEMO_repository_changes_4.0.pdf, 400px)]] 
     21[[PdfImg(NEMO_repository_changes_4.0.pdf, 600px)]] 
     23To build NEMO executable in this release: 
     25== Status of the 4.0 beta release 
     26This newly build beta release has been widely tested before this announcement: 
     27* All the reference configuration sucessfully complete the so-called SETTE tests: each reference configuration is running fine, is restartable (running in one step or with a restart gives identical results) and reproducible (identical results with two different domain decomposition) with optimised compiler options, and in debug mode 
     28* All the test cases give correct results 
     29* Some longer runs (global 2° with sea ice and biogeochemistry, ''list to be completed''  show satisfactory scientific results. 
    2031== Release notes 
    7687== Sending feedbacks 
     90* You have a question: please use the forums to get in touch with NEMO System Team 
     91* You have found a defect or a bug: please open a ticket of corresponding type (defect or bug) associated to version "trunk" for now