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     1= NEMO at EGU 2020 and NEMO Users meeting = 
     3The EGU 2020 provisional program includes a session which might be of interest for you: [[br]] 
     4'''OS4.8/CL5.18/ESSI1.2 Numerical modelling of the ocean: new scientific advances in ocean models to foster exchanges within NEMO community and contribute to future developments (co-sponsored by NEMO Consortium)''' 
     6This session will provide a forum to properly address the new scientific advances in numerical modelling of the ocean and their implication for NEMO developments associated with: 
     7        • Ocean dynamics at large to coastal scales, up to 1km resolution 
     8        • Ocean biogeochemistry 
     9        • Sea-ice 
     10        • New numerical schemes associated to energy conservation constraints 
     11        • High performance computing challenges and techniques 
     12It will cover both research and operational activities contributing to new analysis, ideas and developments of ocean numerical models.  
     13Presentations of activities based on new NEMO functionalities and new NEMO model configurations are welcome; so as new advances in numerical modeling of the ocean. 
     15== Abstract submission (deadline 15 Jan 2020, 13:00 CET) == 
     16* Direct link:  
     17* Guidelines:  
     19Convener: Claire Lévy   
     20Co-conveners: Mike Bell , Jérôme Chanut , Doroteaciro Iovino , Julien Le Sommer 
     22== Related action: == 
     23You will find below an open letter to the AGU and EGU. [[br]] 
     24The letter calls for an important change in the organization of the AGU and EGU annual meetings in order to reduce the associated carbon footprint. We invite you to read the letter and to sign it if you support its message. 
     25* The letter: 
     26* Link to sign the letter: 
     28To help us disseminate the letter with limited cross-posting, you can check the list of institutes already reached ( and add institutes that you contact (preferably through one entry point by institute). [[br]] 
     29We hope to reach out to the broad geoscience community; that is, to all scientists who can contribute to or attend AGU and EGU General Assemblies. 
     30 [[br]] 
     31Thank you for your support, 
     32Damien Couespel, Casimir de Lavergne, Audrey Hasson, Etienne Pauthenet, Amélie Simon, Yona Silvy, Soeren Thomsen, Lucie Vignes