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    24 == Definition of grid hierarchy 
     24== Definition of the grid hierarchy 
    2525An additional text file "" is required at run time. This is where the grid hierarchy is defined. An example of such a file, here taken from the VORTEX test case, is given below:  
    3131The first line indicates the number of zooms (1). The second line contains the starting and ending indices in both directions on the root grid (19 38 19 38) followed by the space and time refinement factors (3 3 3). The last line is the number of child grid nested in the refined region (0). A more complex example with telescoping grids can be found below and in the cfgs/AGRIF_DEMO/EXPREF reference configuration directory (NEMO 4.0 only).  
     33[[span(''Add some plots here with grid staggering and positioning ?'', style=background-color:lime)]] 
    3335Note that rectangular regions must be defined so that they are connected to a single parent grid. Hence, defining overlapping grids with the same refinement ratio will not work properly, boundary data exchange and update being only performed between root and child grids. Use of east-west periodic or north-fold boundary conditions is not allowed in child grids either. Defining for instance a circumpolar zoom in a global model is therefore not possible.  
    3840== Namelist options 
    3941Each child expects to read its own namelist so that different numerical choices can be made (these should be stored in the form 1_namelist_cfg, 2_namelist_cfg, etc... according to their rank in the grid hierarchy). Consistent time steps and number of steps with the chosen time refinement have to be provided. Specific to AGRIF is the following block: 
    41 [[IncludeSource(/NEMO/trunk/doc/namelists/namagrif, rev=10075, line_numbers=0, mimetype=text/x-fortran)]] 
     44&namagrif      !  AGRIF zoom                                            ("key_agrif") 
     46   ln_spc_dyn    = .true.  !  use 0 as special value for dynamics 
     47   rn_sponge_tra = 2880.   !  coefficient for tracer   sponge layer [m2/s] 
     48   rn_sponge_dyn = 2880.   !  coefficient for dynamics sponge layer [m2/s] 
     49   ln_chk_bathy  = .false. !  =T  check the parent bathymetry 
    4252where sponge layer coefficients have to be chosen according to the child grid mesh size.