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    1111== Overview 
     13AGRIF (Adapative Grid Refinement In Fortran) is a library that allows the seamless refinement of rectangular regions in NEMO. Activating AGRIF requires the cpp key "key_agrif" to be defined at compilation time. Although this is transparent to users, the way the code is processed during compilation is different from the standard case: a preprocessing stage (the so called "conv" program) translates the actual code so that saved arrays may be be switched in memory space from one domain to an other.  
     14An additional text file "" is also required at run time. This is where the grid hierarchy is defined. An example of such a file, here taken from the VORTEX test case, is given below:  
     1719 38 19 38 3 3 3 
     20The first line indicates the number of zooms (1). The second line contains the starting and ending indexes in both directions on the root grid (19 38 19 38) followed by the space and time refinement factors (3 3 3). The last line is the number of child grid nested in the refined region (0). A more complex example with telescoping grids can be found in the AGRIF_DEMO reference configuration directory (NEMO 4.0 only). 
    1326Main features of AGRIF in NEMO, what can be done: