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Welcome to the NEMO web platform

Here you are browsing the web platform gathering the collaborative activities of the NEMO Consortium.
Including 6 European institutes (CMCC, CNRS, INGV, Mercator Océan, Met Office & NERC), it organises the sustainable development in order to keep a reliable evolving system since 2008 and defined the multi-year development strategy which is implemented by the NEMO System Team.

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Forge security

To avoid a HTTPS security issue and automatically renew the repository certificate,
we suggest to import CNRS-Standard CA which authenticates the Forge server.

About NEMO

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If you want to interact with the web platform, create your NEMO Trac account and get new functionalities like

  • Creating a ticket,
  • Bookmarking your favourite resources (wiki, ticket, forum, query, …),
  • Customizing your email notifications by subscribing to a specified resource or item

You have a question ⇒ Go to our new forum under Discourse

You believe you found a new bug or you want to suggest an enhancement for NEMO ⇒ Create a ticket

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Stay tuned with the project

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Development: workplan, working groups and strategy

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See last updates for the stable release

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