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    33Last edition: [[Wikinfo(changed_ts)]] by [[Wikinfo(changed_by)]] 
    5 Working group leader (and responsible for wiki pages): Sébastien Masson and Emanuela Clementi  
     5Working group leader (and responsible for wiki pages): Sébastien Masson 
     8WG Air sea interaction covers a number of different aspects : vertical mixing schemes; waves; air-sea interface, so that nobody can be expert on everything.  
     9Today each of these aspects are developed by different people who have few interactions. However, as all these aspects interact in some way with each other, it is important to keep a point where people can interact. 
     10It still makes sense to have a WG with all those as it makes sense in terms of physics, and should allow a better coherency of NEMO development on these interconnected subjects. 
     12It is ok if there are motivated and active experts at work. These experts do exist, but not that many: 
     13- waves : Emanuela, Gurvan 
     14- ABL : Guillaume, Gurvan 
     15- mixing : OSMISIS: George Nurser & Andrew 
     16- Bulks: Laurent  
     17- Sébastien: air-sea coupling (hopefully with Waves in the future...) 
     18- Clément: sea-ice coupling 
     20Direct Link with IMMERSE WP5. 
     22Collaborations with CROCO community on wave coupling with Swen Julien and Lionel Renault.