The goals of this discussion is to define what will do or not the config manager in the next release of NEMO

The first step was to define :

  • what do we need to create regional configuration.
  • how each team do it now :
    • methods
    • language
    • limits

The Met Office, The NOC and Mercator Ocean answers are presented here.

The second step was to make some proposals to solve some limits already known. you could find a first list here .

The third step (> 20 Feb) is to define what the config manager should be able to do or not in the next release of NEMO. we have to choose some hypothesis, limits, and moreover to choose which tools to be used.

you could fine here the list of tools that could be used in the config manager, depending of which input files we get. Of course \textbf{we could still add other tools to this list. However we have to start to choose which tools will be used as references}, and so should be maintain by NEMO team.

I think we should use free licence language, so it will be easiest for all user. I propose to use Fortran and python. Moreover, as AM Treguier said, it will be more efficient to use the same tools than in AGRIF, to minimize number of codes to maintain.

Finally, in the same time we continue to discuss on it, I propose to build a demonstrator (see part \here).

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