Evaluate this first version regarding their needs and define priorities to improve it.


March 2014: results of first tries. Discussion and validation of 2014 actions

NOC Activity:

Summary of existing tools at NOC (as of February 2014)

Planned development 2014

Mercator Activity:

  • Summary of tools already in NEMO:
    • create_coord: program to create fine grid coordinates from coarse grid coordinates file
    • create_bathy: program to create fine grid bathymetry. (interpolated coarse Bathymetry or exctracted from existing fine Bathymetry)
    • merge_bathy: program to merge bathymetry on boundaries.
    • create_restart: program to create restart file from coarse grid restart file or some standard outputs files.
    • create_boundary: program to create boundaries (as OBC) from oarse grid standard outputs files.
  • Planned development 2014
    1. Bug fixes + adjustment to new release
    2. Write main program (python?) to wrap them all
    3. Write users' and developers' documentations
  • Extra development 2014 (if time to)
    1. Handle north fold
    2. Divergence conservation
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