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     2=== Working Group, 2015 tasks === 
     4CONFIGMAN-1 Agree and test SIREN code  
     6Some members of the working group have been contact to test Siren code. 
     7Unfortunately it seems they not found the time to test it, and  we are still waiting their feedback. 
     9However some Mercator Ocean user have try to use SIREN code. 
     10It seems that there is a need to improve readibility of the documentation. 
     11Moreover they ask for a tutorial or some examples. 
     13Furthermore some bugs fix, and changes have been commited (others will come 
     16main changes: 
     17- add documentation 
     18- use mpp structure instead of file structure to read input 
     19- create one module for each interolation method 
     20- extrapolate all land points (_FillValue) + change on weight function 
     21- create math module 
     22- change dichotomy method to compute closest point on ORCA grid 
     23- improve way to find the offset between fine and coarse grid 
     24- allow to change unit of a variable (a scale factor could be applied) 
     25- new format in namelist to get information on additional request 
     26- new format for variable configuration file 
     28main bugs fix: 
     29- use function to copy structure instead of overload assignment operator (to avoid memory leak) 
     30- boundary indices on velocity point 
     31- correct issue with "disorder" dimension 
     32- define local structure to avoid mistake with pointer when deleting embedded structure 
     33- reinitialise detect array for the interpolation of each level 
     34- wrong array size in intrerp linear 
     35- check value, before use scale factor and offset for restart dimg (case no0d...) 
     36- in extrap, force coef indice to 1, for dimension length equal to 1 
     40CONFIGMAN-2 & 3 BDY configuration tool + Merge BDY configuration tool and SIREN 
     42Following advices of the NEMO developpers comitee, concernong the BDY tool. 
     43we decided to use the NERC python tool instead of the CMCC Fortran tool. 
     44Indeed, the NERC tool seems already able to do more things. 
     46Tests should have been done by CMCC on the NERC tool.  
     47Unfortunately there were still a few outstanding pieces to address, and we 
     48missed time to achieve all of it. So tests could not start.