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Sea Ice WG (SIWG)

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Working group leaders: Ed Blockley (Met Office, UK) and Martin Vancoppenolle (CNRS, France)


The sea ice working group aims to bring together NEMO users who are actively developing and/or using sea ice models within NEMO.
The main objectives are to:

  • Identify and reduce duplication amongst sea ice developers using NEMO
  • Development of an improved strategy for sea ice within NEMO
  • Leading the development of a unified sea ice model within the NEMO framework

Sea Ice modelling Integrated Initiative - SI3

At the SIWG meeting (January 2017) it was unanimously agreed to pool resources and develop a common sea ice model within the NEMO framework.

This option was seen as an outstanding opportunity to progress, value the available scientific expertise, and better use resources within the NEMO sea ice community.

The transition to a new unified sea ice model will involve merging the desired functionalities from each of CICE, GELATO and LIM into a common code within the NEMO framework.

The new model shall be called SI3.

This means "Sea Ice modelling Integrated Initiative", "sea ice cubed" for short.

Meeting reports

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