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WorkingGroups/Simplification-Robustness – NEMO

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Simplification & Robustness WG

Last edition: Wikinfo(changed_ts)? by Wikinfo(changed_by)?

Working group leader (and responsible for wiki pages) : Gurvan Madec

Members of the Working group:

  • Gurvan Madec
  • Clément Bricaud
  • Paolo Oddo
  • Simona Flavoni
  • Andrew Coward
  • Claire Lévy
  • Tim Graham
  • Pierre-Antoine Bouttier
  • Arthur Vidard
  • Jean-Marc Molines
  • Anne-Marie Tréguier


Drive the process

  • simplification

The latest version of the document note on system simplification can be found here . It includes the modification made during the Dev. Committee in Bologna last december as well as some additions suggested since then.

All users are encourage to add in this wiki page all comments they found relevant to help in the simplification process.

A page on disappearance of “configuration hard coding” is here

In the Workplan 2014, the action concerned by the simplification process are:
CNRS-0-3-8 ; noCS-3 ; UKMO-3 ; CMCC-4

  • Robustness / consolidation

In the Workplan 2014, the action concerned by the robustness issue are:
CMCC-5 ; CNRS-2-3-6-7-9 ; INGV-2-3 ; noC-1-2-4 ; MERCATOR-2-3-4 ; UKMO-4-6-9-14-15


  • 2016 : removal of "hard coded part" of reference configuration

In 2014 and 2015 several simplifications have been introduced so that the hard coded parts related to specific configurations has been significantly reduced.
Here can be found what remains that will be removed in 2016.