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Robustness and TestCases

Working group leader (and responsible for wiki pages): Simona Flavoni

Members of the working group:

  • Simona Flavoni
  • Julien LeSommer
  • Paolo Oddo
  • Thomas Dubos
  • Laurent Debreu
  • Jêrome Chanut
  • George Nurser
  • Rachid Benshila
  • Julien Paul
  • Gurvan Madec
  • Clement Rousset
  • Emanuela Clementi
  • Anne Marie Treguier
  • Guillaume Roullet
  • Pierre-Antoine Bouttier


Motivation: There are several motivations to define a suite of standard test-cases for NEMO (e.g. for pedagogical purpose and/or for demonstrating the benefit of new features and/or for illustrating the effect of a numerical scheme). The purpose of the Working Group is to :

  • Specify the expected outcome of standard test-cases in NEMO.
  • Define how standard test-cases should be distributed within NEMO. There will be interactions with Configuration Manager Working Group to decide how input files (bathymetry, coordinates,...) will be given, and how they will be maintained.


First meeting: Coordination with Simplification, Configuration Manager and AGRIF (probably by videoconference) to fix rules of "what is a configuration, which files, and where": 2/3/2015

minutes of visioconference : minute-visio_2-3-2015

Second meeting: Syntheses of what other models done, possible interactions?


preliminary documents:
Introduction to Working Group on Test cases at Developer’s Committee meeting in Toulouse : Introduction to Working Group on Test cases

preparing definition of a configuration in NEMO: configuration definition

TEST for table (do not read)

Test case a: Equatorial box (180°,60°) with NO stratification (wind trades)
options values
resolution 2.25° (9/4)
longitude lon_T=[1,179]
latitude lat_T=[-31,31] (to have one point at 0° Equator)
vertical levels 31
batymetry 5000m
NO stratification so=35 / thetao=10 (on ada file
forcing flx utau = -0.1 wind trades
total time steps 150
output frequency every time step
input files  utau=-0.1 / vtau=0 / qtot=0 / qsr=0 / emp=0 on ada file

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