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WorkingGroups/TestCases – NEMO

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Robustness & Test Cases WG

Last edition: Wikinfo(changed_ts)? by Wikinfo(changed_by)?

Working group leader (and responsible for wiki pages): Simona Flavoni

Members of the working group:

  • Simona Flavoni
  • Julien LeSommer
  • Jêrome Chanut
  • Rachid Benshila
  • Julien Paul
  • Gurvan Madec
  • Andrew Coward
  • Clement Rousset
  • Emanuela Clementi
  • Guillaume Roullet
  • Pierre-Antoine Bouttier


Motivation: There are several motivations to define a suite of standard test-cases for NEMO (e.g. for pedagogical purpose and/or for demonstrating the benefit of new features and/or for illustrating the effect of a numerical scheme). The purpose of the Working Group is to :

  • Specify the expected outcome of standard test-cases in NEMO.
  • Define how standard test-cases should be distributed within NEMO. There will be interactions with Configuration Manager Working Group to decide how input files (bathymetry, coordinates,...) will be given, and how they will be maintained.

Input to the Workplan 2016

Work done 2015:

  • definition of the implementation strategy for Test Cases
  • creation of a template of an Equatorial Box Test Case
  • a first list of Test Cases

Workplan 2016:

  • between jannuary and march:
    • implementation of GYRE like the ONLY standard example
    • creation of user_defined_module.F90 in NEMO code

Suggestions : it will very useful that EVERY INSTITUTION of CONSORTIUM will start one Test case so please fill the Workplan with almost one.

  • AFTER march (when user_defined_module.F90 will be implemented), starting from TEST_CASE branch :
    • implementation of test case for EACH CONSORTIUM INSTITUTION

Preliminary list of test cases:

  1. A subtropical gyre : to validate Sverdrup equilibrium and to illustrate west boundary current dynamics.
  2. A test case of dense plume on topographic slope : to validate overflow entrainment (cf Legg et al. 2006).
  3. An idealized convection basin : to evaluate re-stratification (cf. Rousset C. et 2009).
  4. A test case to validate the wave-current interaction (medium to large scale) processes implemented within
  5. A test case of Dynamics of an Equatorial River Plume (applied to Congo River) (cf Vic et al. 2014).


First meeting: Coordination with Simplification, Configuration Manager and AGRIF (probably by videoconference) to fix rules of "what is a configuration, which files, and where": 2/3/2015

minutes of visioconference : minute-visio_2-3-2015

Second meeting: Syntheses of what other models done, possible interactions?


preliminary documents:
Introduction to Working Group on Test cases at Developer’s Committee meeting in Toulouse : Introduction to Working Group on Test cases

preparing definition of a configuration in NEMO: configuration definition

Implementation strategy and template

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