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WorkingGroups/Tides – NEMO

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Tides WG

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!!!! NEXT WG MEETING: Jan 14th 2021, 16PM CET !!!!

Working group leader (and responsible for wiki pages): Frédéric Dupont

Members of the working group:

  • Susan Allen (UBC, Canada)
  • Mike Bell (UKmet)
  • Natacha Bernier (Environnement Canada)
  • David M. Byrne (NOC)
  • Loren Carrere (CLS)
  • Jérôme Chanut (Mercator Océan)
  • Andrew C. Coward (NOC)
  • Frédéric Dupont (Environnement Canada)
  • Ariane Koch-Larrouy (LEGOS)
  • Julien Le Sommer (Grenoble)
  • Youyu Lu (DFO, Canada)
  • Florent Lyard (LEGOS)
  • Yves Morel (LEGOS)
  • Jean-Philippe Paquin (Environnement Canada)
  • Jeffrey Polton (NOC)
  • Chris Wilson (NOC)
  • Simon Mueller (NOC)
  • Enda Odea (UKmet)
  • Pengcheng Wang (Environnement Canada)


Sustain and improve Tides implementation in NEMO. Provide support to users.

WG internal meetings:

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    • 2020-12-19: introductory meeting and quick round table. Examples of issues that were discussed: data assimilation (or correction methods), wet-and-drying, diagnostic tools, new tidal astronomical potential, numerical issues, OBC. A conclusion was to organize next a special meeting about data assimilation (or correction methods) and afterwards another about common tools and numerics.

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