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Author : acc (on behalf of agn)

ticket : #680

Branch : DEV_r1924_nocs_latphys


This branch will contain the latest version of Griffies's implementation of the Gent and McWilliams? eddy transport as a skew flux. This has the advantage that its numerical discretization can be written in terms of contributions from quarter cells – ‘triads’. This gives a tighter stencil, disallowing 2-gridpoint numerical noise that is permitted by the advective discretization. A working prototype code for the iso-neutral and skew-flux operator was carefully reviewed in 2009. Considerable care has been taken in the formulation to ensure the tensorial representation is consistent with the variable volume layers (s-coordinate/z* representation). This has been documented and will be provided with the release.


(1) Discretise Isopycnal diffusion in terms of these triads. This will obviate the need to smooth isopycnal slopes horizontally with a Shapiro filter (as currently implemented in NEMO), or to apply a background horizontal diffusivity that mixes diapycnally.

(2) Implement Visbeck et al.'s formulation of spatially varying diffusivities as an alternative to the current formulation based on the Held and Larichev timescale and the Rossby radius as a lengthscale (done).

(3) Add a slope limiting algorithm (mixed-layer depth is sensitive to the slope limiting that is employed) that behaves satisfactorily within and immediately below the mixed layer.

(4) Implementation in the trunk+ NVTK + documentation


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