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    3333|| Is this change expected to preserve all diagnostics? [[BR]]!,,!''Preserving answers in model runs does not necessarily imply preserved diagnostics. !'' || !'''NO!''' || 
     35__If key_bdy and key_tide are not activated, modifications do not change either answers or results of standard configurations__. Thus results changes only concern AMM12 standard configuration. These changes only come from the completely different tidal module implemented. Thus, there are not induced by the modifications of bdy package alone as long as the same options are used. Note however that some issues with overlapping analytical segments have been fixed in bdy package. It is now possible to obtain identical results with user defined "analytical" open boundary segments bounding the domain (ie identical to the case where a single unstructured segment is read from a netcdf file). As a consequence, diagnostics in AMM12 changes although no change in the diagnostics themselves has been introduced. 
    3537If you answered !'''NO!''' to any of the above, please provide further details: 
    4648|| Does your change require a change in compiler options? || !'''NO!''' || 
    48  * namelist changes:  
     50 * namelist changes: 
    4951   * nam_tide: Simplifications in the definition of tidal waves. Add a flag and time_scale to activate linear ramping of tidal motions. 
    5052   * nambdy_tide: Add a new option to read tidal boundary data from 2d file given on data domain. 
    51    * nambdy: Add new options for bdy: Flags and times cales to apply relaxation on tracers and baroclinic velocities.  
     53   * nambdy: Add new options for bdy: Flags and times cales to apply relaxation on tracers and baroclinic velocities. 
    5254   * nambdy_index: Simplify definition of analytical segments. 
    5355 * About compiler options: Code update does not require any change in compiler options. Yet, we noticed that results are not reproductible unless the lowest level of optimization is used.