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    55== For completion by the Sci/Tech/Code reviewer == 
    6 '''Reviewer:''' [ Enter your name here ] 
     6'''Reviewer:''' Daniel Lea 
     8=== Comments === 
     9Happy to review. I'll do a full review soon. 
     11Some initial thoughts in response to revision 3436. 
     13Looks like you are following the same style as the profile daily averaging which is a good idea. However, unless I am mistaken, both your code and the profile code are rather inefficient in that they allocate the vdmean array even if it is not needed. It would be nice if you could avoid allocating this array in obs_surf_def if the night-time averaging is not being used. 
     15ld_sstnight should be set to false by default. Not all SST observation types may be suitable to be compared with the night-time average. I also think the expectation would be that an instantaneous observation would be compared to the model value at the same time (that is the case for all other observation types) so that should be the default and the ld_sstnight option available if you actively set it to true in the namelist. So you will need to add ln_sstnight to the namelist dia_obs_init. 
     17I previously suggested that it be possible to select the SST types which use the night-time average. I'm happy to not worry about this providing the scheme is default to off as stated above. Others can develop it further as and when required. 
     19Can you test that you get the same feedback files for SST and for other obs types (just to be sure), if you run with the NEMO trunk and with your branch but with with ld_sstnight = .false.? 
     21Please indent the code inside the if statement in obs_sst_opt. 
     23Daniel Lea  15/11/2012 
    825=== Ticket Details, Documentation and Code changes ===