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2014 NOC2 sub- time stepping of vertical advection to ease numerical stability problems with high vertical resolution and options which reduce vertical metrics

Stage 1. Create branch and checkout a working copy:

svn copy svn+ssh://          svn+ssh:// -m "Create branch for NOCS development of a sub-timestepping scheme for vertical advection to ease numerical stability issues when vertical metrics become small. See ticket #1367"

svn co svn+ssh://

Stage 2. Import changes from test directory and check in

svn ci -m"Branch 2014/dev_r4743_NOC2_ZTS, #1367. Code changes to introduce optional sub-timestepping for vertical advection. Changes in dynadv.F90, dynzad.F90, traadv.F90, traadv_tvd.F90 and namelist_ref only."
svnserve: warning: cannot set LC_CTYPE locale
svnserve: warning: environment variable LC_CTYPE is en_GB.utf-8
svnserve: warning: please check that your locale name is correct
Sending        NEMOGCM/CONFIG/SHARED/namelist_ref
Sending        NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/DYN/dynadv.F90
Sending        NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/DYN/dynzad.F90
Sending        NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/TRA/traadv.F90
Sending        NEMOGCM/NEMO/OPA_SRC/TRA/traadv_tvd.F90
Transmitting file data .....
Committed revision 4736.

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