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Author : Gurvan Madec

ticket : #1683

Branch : 2016/dev_r6325_SIMPLIF_1

WP2016 Action : SIMPLIF-1


Development branch related to SIMPLIF-1 of 2016 work plan :

  • Step 0 : Phase the trunk with the v3.6_STABLE : DOC of the revision 6338 ; and phase with the last update of the physics (i.e. new TMX param., traqsr changes for RGB, ice albedo)
  • Step I : ZDF:

and other possible additions (random order):

  • ZDF: simplify and improve the vertical physics in NEMO/OPA (remove CPP keys ;remove avmu & avmv ; reduce the number of lvc_lnk call)
  • TRA/TRC: systematic time-stepping of thickness weighted tracers
  • TRP: add in LDF a module computing the effective transport used by both TRA and TRC
  • remove all remaining hard coded parts specific to a configuration (especially ORCA2)
  • remove most of the remaining CPP keys (key_trabbl, key_zdf…)
  • Introduce additional logicals (ln_traadv_NONE, ln_traldf_NONE, …), so that no default value can be used to specify a choice of advection or diffusion scheme
  • ….


Step 0. Phase the trunk with the v3.6 Stable

==⇒>> DONE in 6347 (complilation OK, no SETTE test)

  • DOC: Phase with the v3.6_STABLE documentation of the revision 6338
  • phase with the last v3.6_stable updates of the physics (i.e. new TMX param., traqsr changes for RGB, ice albedo). This involves changes in zdfddm.F90, zdftke.F90, zdtmx.F90, traqsr.F90 and albedo.F90 as well as addition in SHARED/field_def.xml and SHARED/namelist_ref ; Note that a useless variable (imkt) has also been removed from zdfmxl.F90
  • correct compilation issues (lines of more that 135 characters : Mac compiler is not happy with that). The following modules have been updated in LIM_SRC_3: limistate.F90 ; and in OPA_SRC : DIA/dia25h.F90, DIA/diacfl.F90, DOM/daymod.F90, DOM/iscplrst.F90, IOM/iom.F90,
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