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     1Bugs in NEMO-CICE-MEDUSA 
     3Testing on the Met Office CrayXC40, using working copy u-aj777RHdebug and its variants we start by trying a 2-day (2x1-day cycles) set up with array bounds testing. 
     4Using -Rb for both NEMO and CICE code compilation we find: 
     6   * TOP_SRC/MEDUSA/sms_medusa.F90 doesn't compile - ierr is OOB - it needs 
     7to be declared with a dimension of 8.  
     10   *  lib-4961 : WARNING  
     11  Subscript -330 is out of range for dimension 2 for array 
     12  'array_g' at line 2206 in file 'ice_gather_scatter.F90' with bounds 1:332. 
     14ARRAY_G 2nd index is OOB in; 
     16              msg_buffer(i,j) = ARRAY_G(this_block%i_glob(i)+nghost,& 
     17                                      this_block%j_glob(j)+nghost) 
     19Heaven knows why we have a negative number here!? 
     21This doesn't cause a failure because its an OOB read. I suspect it would cause a 
     22failure if it was an OOB write.  
     24   *  lib-4213 : UNRECOVERABLE library error  
     25  A pointer or allocatable array in an I/O list has not been associated 
     26  or allocated. 
     28Encountered during a namelist WRITE to unit 27 
     29Fortran unit 27 is connected to a sequential formatted text file: 
     30  "output.namelist.pis" 
     33   *  trcnam_medusa.F90 has a section where it's initialising variables from the  
     34natbio namelist. However it initialises jdms_input twice thus... 
     35      jdms_input  = 0 
     36      jdms_input  = 3 
     39jdms_model is not initialised at all - is the 2nd occurrence supposed to refer 
     40to that? 
     42jq10 is not initialised. 
     44Some variables are declared twice in natbio. e.g. 
     45vsed, xhr  
     47   *  Writing of natbio causes the above error. Suggesting something in that  
     48namelist is unset.  
     49Skipping that, we get a similar error writing natroam! 
     50Skip that and natopt seems to be OK but it's the only one of the three namelists 
     51that is.  
     52The model then goes on to complete (and completes a 2nd 1-day cycle OK).  
     54Checking job.err, the only warning we have is the one about the ARRAY_G 
     55reference in CICE. This is present in both the NRUN and teh CRUN (why wouldn't 
     56it be?)