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This page is only a memo for AGRIF compilation problems:

start to compile ORCA2_LIM_AGRIF on my mac with gfortran

makenemo -n ORCA2_LIM_AGRIF -r ORCA2_LIM add_key "key_agrif"
  1. problem: gmake not found

solution: ln -s /sw/bin/make /sw/bin/gmake

  1. problem: AGRIF does not work with fortran/ on VARGAS

solution: module unload fortran; module load fortran/

  1. problem:
 BLD/ppsrc/nemo/'''diaptr.f90''':480: internal compiler error: in gfc_generate_function_code, at fortran/trans-decl.c:3711 [[BR]]
Please submit a full bug report,[[BR]]
with preprocessed source if appropriate.[[BR]]
See <> for instructions.[[BR]]
fcm_internal compile failed (256)[[BR]]
make: *** [diaptr.o] Error 1[[BR]]
make -f BLD/Makefile -j 1 all failed (2) at NEMOGCM/EXTERNAL/fcm/bin/../lib/Fcm/ line 597[[BR]]
->Make: 57 seconds[[BR]]
->TOTAL: 132 seconds[[BR]]
Build failed on Wed Mar  9 11:49:48 2011.[[BR]]

solution: in BLD/ppsrc/nemo/agrif2model.f90 commented

 USE diaptr[[BR]]
 agrif2model.f90:      Call Alloc_agrif_diaptr(Agrif_Gr)[[BR]]

?? good choise??

  1. problem:
zdf_tmx_init : tidal mixing
    Namelist namzdf_tmx : set tidal mixing parameters
       Vertical decay scale for turbulence   =  500.000000000000000
       Brunt-Vaisala frequency threshold     =  0.100000000000000002E-07
       Tidal dissipation efficiency          =  0.333000000000000018
       Mixing efficiency                     =  0.200000000000000011
       ITF specific parameterisation         =  F
       ITF tidal dissipation efficiency      =  1.00000000000000000

 ===>>> : E R R O R

                     iom_open ~~~
 File '''* not found'''

 ===>>> : E R R O R

solution: in del_key "key_zdftmx", but in this way there will not be tidal also for mother model.