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Using libIGCM library with ORCA2_LIM for nemo_v3_3


  • Document the using of Libigcm for NEMO version 3_3, in configuration ORCA2_LIM
  • Official documentation of Libigcm is :

Quick start guide : downloading nemo_3_3_beta

1/2/2011 downloading NEMO trunk default configuration is:
climatological run, with bulk core forcing, focring files COREII,
with calendar type noleap
and ocean output frequency 1Y,1M,5D,1D, ice output frequency 5D,
with iom_put, (with an example of iodef.xml file),
without MONITORING, and ATLAS.

  • Create and go into working directory :
     mkdir TRY ; cd TRY
  • Extract NEMOGCM :
     svn co
        ( If you want to extract even Documentation: 
        svn co )
  • Choose and compile configuration (for example if you run ORCA2_LIM configuration on "brodie" machine at idris) :
     ./makenemo -m SX8_BRODIE -n ORCA2_LIM 
       (executable is created in ORCA2_LIM/BLD/bin directory)

Using ./makenemo -h to see help ( to see list of compilers availables, to see options,...)

  • Example of a mono-processor run :
     ./makenemo -m SX8_BRODIE -n ORCA2_LIM 
  • Example of a multi-processor run (decomposition 2x4) :
     ./makenemo -m SX8_BRODIE -n ORCA2_LIM add_key "key_mpp_mpi key_nproci=2 key_nprocj=4" 
  • Create PARAM directory for ORCA2_LIM configuration :
  • Download Libigcm in EXTERNAL directory :
     cd ../EXTERNAL
     svn co libIGCM
     svn co
  • Change PATH in ins_job script :
     vi util/ins_job ; line 106
     replace  for i in $(find ${d_n}/.. -name ${F_CFG} -print)
     by       for i in $(find ${d_n}/../.. -name ${F_CFG} -print)
  • Create bin in EXTERNAL directory, and create link to nemo.exe :
     mkdir bin 
     cd bin 
     ln -s ../../CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM/BLD/bin/nemo.exe nemo.exe
     (because libIGCM looks for executable in ${MODIPSL}/bin ; in our case ${MODIPSL}=EXTERNAL/)

Editing at this point NEMOGCM/CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00/config.card
Editing at this point NEMOGCM/CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00/COMP/opa9.card
Editing at this point NEMOGCM/CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00/COMP/lim2.card
see : setupsimupage

  • Submit Job :
     cd ../CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00 
     qsub Job_Name

And also see useful remarks: suggestpage

If you want to switch from climatological to interannual see: change_BC

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