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Using libIGCM library with ORCA2_LIM for nemo_v3_4


  • Document the using of Libigcm for NEMO version 3_4, in configuration ORCA2_LIM
  • Official documentation of Libigcm is :

Quick start guide : downloading nemo_3_4

downloading NEMO v3_4 default configuration is:
climatological run, with bulk core forcing, focring files COREII,
with calendar type noleap
and ocean output frequency 1Y,1M,5D,1D, ice output frequency 5D,
with iom_put, (with an example of iodef.xml file),
without MONITORING, and ATLAS.

  • Define the following alias to use SVN :
     alias svn_ano='svn co modipsl'
  • Create and go into working directory :
     mkdir TRY ; cd TRY
  • Extract modipsl :
  • Extract NEMOGCM : (verify NEMOGCM definition in modipsl/util/mod.def file)
     cd modipsl/util 
     ./model NEMOGCM
  • Choose and compile configuration (for example if you run ORCA2_LIM configuration on "ada" machine at idris) :
     cd ../modeles/NEMOGCM/CONFIG
     ./makenemo -m x3750_ADA -n ORCA2_LIM -j8
     (executable is created in ORCA2_LIM/BLD/bin directory)

Using ./makenemo -h to see help ( to see list of compilers availables, to see options,...)

: IF YOU WANT TO COMPILE NEMO code that is not the NEMO directory, you can create MY_NEMO directory and put your NEMO code into MY_NEMO directory

(for example) and compile it in this way


 ./makenemo -n ORCA2_LIM -s MY_NEMO -m x3750_ADA -j0

 -j0 option create only configuration directory but does not compile it
 -j8 compile with 8 proc for compilation phase (but you do not have parallel code compiled)

NOTE : control list of cpp keys in NEMOGCM/CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM/cpp_ORCA2_LIM.fcm
you need key_iomput ( choose your output list in iodef.xml)

  • Copy executable nemo.exe in modipsl :
  • cd ../../../bin
    ln -s ../modeles/NEMOGCM/CONFIG/ORCA2_LIM/BLD/bin/nemo.exe nemo.exe
  • Editing at this point config/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00/config.card (according to iodef.xml file)

NOTE : for ada ( idris ) machine starting from revision 2021 of trunk of libigcm it is possible to add in [Post] section of config.card options
SpaceName? =PROD (to have IGCM_OUT on gaya)
PackFrequency? =10Y (to have pack option; i.e. only one tar file)

  • Editing at this point config/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00/COMP/opa9.card
  • Editing at this point config/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00/COMP/lim2.card

see : setupsimupage

  • Submit Job :
    cd ../     (back into modipsl directory) 
     cd ../config/ORCA2_LIM/IGCM00 
     llsubmit Job_Name

And also see useful remarks: suggestpage

If you want to switch from climatological to interannual see: change_BC

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