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    55'''Solved issues on dev_merge_2017 :'''[[BR]] 
     7• Two new vorticity/Coriolis schemes have been introduced (ENT and EET activated by ln_dynvor_ENT and ln_dynvor_EET)  ('''see @9528''') . There both have the following characteristics: (i) energy conservation only ; (ii) available for both Vector and Flux Forms (VF and FF) ; (iii)  not using the vertical scale factor at F-point. Both schemes have only been tested on weakly non-linear cases. Their behavior has to be investigated in highly non-linear cases.[[BR]] 
     8  - ENT : energy conserving scheme specially designed for FF, using Coriolis parameter defined at T-point. In VF, it presents a double averaging to obtain the vorticity at T-point which may be problematic.[[BR]] 
     9  - EET : energy conserving scheme specially designed for VF. Based on potential vorticity triad formulation of EEN scheme, but here each triad use the single e3t value instead of the three e3f values of the triad points. It does not conserve Enstrophy contrary to EEN, has the same large mantis on relative vorticity but a reduced one on level thickness. Its use in FF has limited interest: in this case it is equivalent to ENT scheme with a Coriolis parameter defined as the averaging of the 6 surrounding f_f values.[[BR]] 
     11• namelist_ref :  cosmetic changes: (see [[BR]] 
     12  (1) namlbc: no more default value set to rn_shlat. A selection is now required in namlist_cfg ('''see @9527''') [[BR]] 
     13  (2) namtra_adv_mle is renamed : namtra_mle. traadv_mle.F90 as tramle.F90  ('''see @9531 & @9532''') [[BR]] 
     14  (3) namtra_adv_eiv is renamed : namtra_eiv (included in '''@9490''') [[BR]] 
     15  (4) the _NONE suffix is replaced by a _OFF sufix in all namelist     ('''see @9526''')  
    717• mamlist_ref/_cfg : revise their philosophy. A short description is given here: [ New namelist framework]