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Todo list

  • Update generic computing architecture files for common compilers: GCC, Intel & PGI
  • Main NEMO bash scripts (makenemo, sette and trusting)

Procedure likely to follow by newly developer for avoiding authentication

As of now the repository is open so Subversion does no longer request an authentication for downloading (credentials are not stored locally) but, by the way the repository has been implemented with svn+ssh scheme, the developer has to copy his SSH key to his UNIX account on the Forge server for skipping the authentication step at each request.
It could be particularly boring with SVN externals.

$ ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ "ID"

Prefer disabling Trac plugin from the admin interface than deleting the egg file in the plugin folder to avoid a server issue.

'apache' and 'nemo' UNIX users must have read/write access to trac.log file: to create a new log file, stop logging by setting log_file = none, then

$ touch trac.log
$ chmod 666 trac.log

Implement cheksums to verify integrity and duplicates with MD5 and SHA256 hash functions

$ cat v4.0.md5 */*.md5 | sort          
0590d3cba38f7f9ec5510775e4400670  ORCA2_ICE_v4.0.tar
094130169c5923ca92641a7e07544557  AGRIF_AGULHAS_v3.7.tar
1d65cd97f87b2955d015f4a1f00ff9d7  AMM12_v3.6.tar
1d78289badee4deddd6e5ee76530773c  AGRIF_DEMO_v4.0.tar
1f4cf10c33148f4253749213c4dfebfa  INPUTS_C1D_PAPA_v4.0.tar
217aba69e4301f9e8d8b8273f6f0b9af  INPUTS_PISCES_v3.6.tar
217aba69e4301f9e8d8b8273f6f0b9af  INPUTS_PISCES_v3.7.tar
217aba69e4301f9e8d8b8273f6f0b9af  INPUTS_PISCES_v4.0.tar
234df7b220d72e25cdc1b138fd99a043  ICEDYN_v4.0.tar
4309d3a830f6fe871e572cbe94900832  INPUTS_DYNA_v3.6.tar
48fdf0ae823ad7df80b826ff1ac85bc9  AMM12_v3.7.tar
48fdf0ae823ad7df80b826ff1ac85bc9  AMM12_v4.0.tar
4c636c4516a828892cc08810b6d0ff13  INPUTS_SAS_v3.5.tar
4c636c4516a828892cc08810b6d0ff13  INPUTS_SAS_v4.0.tar
4ce49d803250191eae3e73d2c7bce927  AMM12_v3_4.tar
53821e440eaa0fa6627ed53ea8d65dae  ORCA2_LIM_v3.7.tar
6f05a2b8cb57e58f439783edfeca5852  ORCA2_OFF_v3.7.tar
6f05a2b8cb57e58f439783edfeca5852  ORCA2_OFF_v4.0.tar
73e664b1452fd67a9464a6cbac1fcc62  AGRIF_DEMO_1ghost_v4.0.tar
8290960d3bc8481c4f02cc0d72e9b91d  ORCA2_LIM_v3.6.tar
8bb44bb027d73282917a70169e95b00e  ISOMIP_v3.7.tar
94c7cae8844c42001771a1727ac13582  SPITZ36_v4.0.tar
a489bdf83d57d32f50c205c9dbfd0d38  INPUTS_C1D_PAPA_v3.6.tar
a741ec67c437cee2caaa52c655d7adee  INPUTS_DYNA_v3.7.tar
bb5a67673e29be4b3f5f009a712dc11d  SPITZ12_v4.0.tar
e977ec876b4aebb4a673a91773626334  INPUTS_PISCES_v3.4.tar
e9b0741d2c78fe5af56969e5c9a4bb3a  ORCA2_LIM_v3.4.tar

Finally remove duplicates:

  • beta-3.7/AMM12_v3.7.tar
  • beta-3.7/INPUTS_PISCES_v3.7.tar
  • beta-3.7/ORCA2_OFF_v3.7.tar