Changeset 1118

12/19/12 17:19:49 (8 years ago)

slowproc.f90 :
slowproc_veget is modified to suppress fractions of vegetation or nobio under min_vegfrac (min_vegfrac must be consistent with DVGM conception if it is actived).

hydrol.f90 :

  • Hydrol_vegupdt and hydrol_tmc_update are rewritten but it is transparent if VEGUPDATE=0Y. If VEGUPDATE=1Y, then CHECK_WATERBAL must be desactived.
  • Hydrol_soil is modified to avoid under_mcr or over_mcs. hydrol_soil is also changed at the end for new evap_bare_lim estimation without changing water reservoirs.

This commit gives a change in results for Choisnel as well as CWRR.
Aurelien Campoy

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