Changeset 2868

08/20/15 13:24:59 (5 years ago)

Ticket #143 Corrections related to restart. 1+1=2 now ok for standard cases.

Main changes : remvoved call to hydrol_tmc_update in the initalization phase. Now calculate kfact_root at each time step in hydrol_main. Added variables to restart file.


  • thermosoil.f90 -- Add variables from thermosoil_coef in restart file : soilcap, soilflx, cgrnd, dgrnd, zdz1_soil, zdz2_soil -- Only call thermosoil_coef in the initialization phase if the variables were not found in the restart file
  • condveg.f90 -- Add z0 and roughheight to the restart file
  • sechiba.f90 -- Some more variables in call to _finalize routines. Some clean in variables never used.
  • hydrol.f90 -- twbr do not need to be save. The variables becomes local to hydrol_main. -- Added variables needed for hydrol_alma in restart file. hydrol_alma is called in hydrol_init only if the variables were not found in restart file. -- Corrected intent attribute for some variables. -- Calculate kfact_root in the begining of each call to hydrol_main -- Add to restart file : evap_bare_lim, drysoil_frac, humrel, tot_watveg_beg, tot_watsoil_beg, snow_beg -- Removed call to hydrol_tmc_update in hydrol_init -- litterhumdiag and soil_wet_litter do not need to be calculated in the initialization phase
  • hydrolc.f90 : Added new restart variables: drysoil_frac, rsol, shumdiag, mean_gqsb, mean_bqsb, mx_eau_var, vegtot. Maybe all were not needed to be in the restart.
  • slowproc : adapted for call to stomate.
  • diffuco.f90 : Remove q_cdrag from restart file. It is not needed. Cdrag is calculated at each time step before it is used or it is taken from gcm.
  • enerbil.f90 : Corrected intent attribute for some variables.
  • stomate_io.f90 -- add assim_param to restart file -- correct onset_date
  • stomate.f90 -- stomate_var_init will now call vmax and calculate assim_param if assim_param was not found in the restart file.
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