Changeset 3094

2016-01-06T13:15:53+01:00 (8 years ago)

Changes related to the update of vegetation fraction due to land use change :

  • the vegetation file is read in slowproc at the first timestep of a new year (if veget_year=1Y) as before but veget_max is not updated before the end of the first day.
  • stomate_lcchange is called from stomatelpj in the end of the day if the vegetation file has been read the same day
  • in the end of sechiba_main, after output has been written, the veget_max is now updated if the file has been read in the begining of the day. The new subroutine slowproc_change_frac has been created for this.
  • subroutine slowproc_update changed name to slowproc_readvegetmax : this subroutine, as before, only reads and interpolates the new vegetation file. No update is done here.

NViovy, NVuichard, JG
See also ticket #107

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