Changeset 3402

05/04/16 19:09:08 (5 years ago)

Simplification of hydrol.f90, see also ticket #191

Most changes regard hydrol_soil and its subroutines:

  • many simplifications regarding the order of the processes
  • suppression of useless parts, and abusive water conservation patches
  • new diagnostics of water conservation for the main processes
  • the diffusion, as solved by tridiag, creates water conservation violations, that are diagnosed and reported to drainage
  • separation of hydrol_soil_smooth in two separate subroutines for over_saturation and under_residual
  • the case of over_saturation is no more treated with a smoothing that keeps the excess in the soil, but the corresponding excess is discarded as runoff (either surface runoff or drainage, depending on ok_freeze and free_drain_coef)
  • careful check of the diagnostic and use of mcl and mc when ok_freeze

This version works well with:

  • ok_freeze + explicit_snow
  • old snow without ok_freeze

Note that following problems are detected but not due to this changset:

  • combining ok_freeze and the old snow leads to water conservation pbs and bands.
  • combining explicit snow scheme without the soil freezing leads also to water conservation problems.

Agnes Ducharne

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