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10/30/17 17:38:06 (4 years ago)

Changes to get new output for CMIP6 "Data Request".

The target variables are: cnc = Canopy covered fraction; mrsofc = total soil moisture at field capacity; fldcapacity and wilt = field capacity and wilt in % (since it is not said in % of what, it is *assumed* the reference is the total soil moisture at saturation).

Changes have been made in sechiba.f90 (for cnc), hydrol.f90 (for mrsofc, fldcapacity and wilt), and in field_def_orchidee.xml and CMIP6_ping_land.xml.
In hydrol, some changes were also introduced to prevent from using tmcf for two different things (tmc at end of timestep, and tmcf at field capacity): all mc and tmc variables corresponding to field capacity now end with fc (mcfc, tmcfc, land_mcfc, land_tmcfc).

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