Changeset 6280

2019-10-28T12:15:46+01:00 (4 years ago)

Following has been done by Albert Jornet in the trunk:

  • New: add dimensions for restget_p_opp_rXd and restput_p_opp_rXd for 4 and 5 dimensions. Adapt the code.
  • New: restput_p with no grid for Real 1 dimension
  • New: enable netcdf restart compression (added NC_RESTART_COMPRESSION flag with corresponding getin)
  • Fix: missing openmp declarations (grid.f90)
  • Clean: dim2_driver code simplification (restransfer subroutines)
  • Improvement: ticket #602

No changes in results have been detected for these changes, only change in dimensions for restart variables.

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