Changeset 6340

2019-11-20T14:50:56+01:00 (4 years ago)

New: add carbon variable into carbon forcesoil file
New: add dt_sechiba into carbon forcesoil file
New: stomate_forcesoil_file can now deal with parallel dimensions(gridcells)
New: subroutine t_stomate_forcesoil_file_exists whether the file exists
New: subroutine t_stomate_forcesoil_file_get_variable to get data from netcdf file
New: subroutine t_stomate_forcesoil_file_add_attribute to netcdf file
New: subroutine t_stomate_forcesoil_file_get_attribute from netcdf file
New: index_g and gridcells are now part of any stomate forcesoil file
Improvement: stop the simulation if weird values are found in in ij_para_nb

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