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2019-11-27T09:41:32+01:00 (4 years ago)

Moved sechiba_mleb_hs from sechiba into hydraulic_arch module. Rename it into hydraulic_arch_main. Previously the subroutine used directly lots of module variabels in sechiba. These variables are now passed as argument. Some variables are not needed outside mleb and are therefor moved from sechiba to mleb module. See some details here below and also ticket #511

Following variables have been removed from sechiba module:

  • flux_rn_grid, u_speed_grid => calculated but never used, they have been removed from mleb/hydraulic_arch/sechiba
  • temp_atmos_pres_grid, q_atmos_pres_grid, temp_leaf_pres_grid => moved to become private module varibles in mleb. Note that they are kept in the subroutine interfaces inside mleb module except the public subroutines to avoid to much modifications
  • t_a_next_grid, q_a_next_grid,flux_h_grid, flux_le_grid => becaome local to mleb_main
  • removed zlev from argument input list to mleb. zlev was never used.

hydraulic_arch : subroutine hydralic_arch_calc becomes privat. Added subroutine hydraulic_arch_main preivously sechiba_mleb_hs as a copy from the sechiba module. New arguments were needed as this subroutine previously used directly the module variables in sechiba. These variables are now passed as argument.

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